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Get a peek into your future with predictions from our learned astrologer. With his knowledge and expertise in the domain of Indian astrology, he would guide you through your queries and doubts about your tomorrow.

Rice Writing

Writing on a grain of rice is an art form indigenous to the Indian subcontinent. Our Rice Artists can draw and write names on a miniscule rice grain and this could be a great personalised gift for your loved ones.

Miniature Painting

Indian miniatures are small-scale, highly detailed paintings. They trace back to at least 9th century CE, and are a living tradition with many contemporary artists still pursuing the art form. Miniature paintings are a great choice to add a hint of royal vibes to your Interiors.

Portrait Arts

The warmth of a personalized gift is unmatched and especially when it is a Portrait drawn by experienced portrait artists, it is something to cherish forever. Get yourself a beautiful portrait as a keepsake.

Lac Shilp

Lac Shilp is a piece of art like jewelry, bangles and home decor made from lac. Lac is a form of resin discharged by an insect named Kerria Lacca. Lac work is an art form that’s prevalent in the traditional state of Rajasthan, for centuries.

Gota Dori

The art form of Gota Dori involves the use of the gota lace and with this, our artisan makes beautiful adornments and hangings. These are often resplendent and glittery to add a hint of bling to your Interiors.

Dari Loom

Dari Loom is a traditional style of making handmade rugs and mats using colourful handmade strings. These rugs are extremely comfortable and add a sense of coziness to the surroundings.


Watching a mere dump of mud turning into a beautiful piece of art can be super mesmerizing and you can experience this at your very own Chokhi Dhani, popular to promote and keep alive the rich art heritage of India on global platforms.

Block Print

The traditional Indian style of laying beautiful prints on clothes using wooden hand-carved blocks  in order to add attractive motifs on it, Block Printing Technique is extensively used even today. Get your hands on these top notch hand printed clothes at Chokhi Dhani.

Bhopa Bhopi

Bhopa-Bhopi singing and dancing involves a male artiste called “Bhopa” and another female artiste addressed as “Bhopi”. The two instruments used by the duo are Ravana Hattaa (a stringed instrument) and Dholaki (small drum). Bhopa Bhopi dance is very pleasing and entertaining and you can experience this at Chokhi Dhani.

Puppet Show

Puppets are wooden dolls operated through a drawstring widely used to tell folklores in a very interesting manner. This traditional technique of entertainment from the ancient India is now performed by expert Puppeteer at Chokhi Dhani.